Monday, March 28, 2011

School Poem...

School is cruel
There are boys that drool
My teachers are weird
And one has a black beard
My locker is in a stupid spot
People bump me a lot
I'm bad at math
Which is leading me on a not so good path
My friends are what keep me going
I love them more then my own showing
I laugh in class
Just to make time pass
I talk all the time
I'm better off just being a mime
I'm always cold when we go outside
Even on the bright red slide
In 5 minute hall breaks I stall for as long as I can
I'm always talking to one of my best friends named "Fran"
I don't wanna leave my school for one main reason (a.k.a friends)
So that's why I wish it would be longer until the summer season
I also don't like a lot about my school
Sometimes I wish there was only ONE rule
I will be so sad to go
But I know it's best for me not to show...

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