Monday, March 14, 2011

Living in a dream world

This weekend I went to Moab with my friend Carly and her family. I had the greatest time ever! It was a good way for me to escape from my life and just let my mind go...On Saturday we went on a 3 hour uphill hike to some of the arches. It was way sunny there! I was  so happy to leave the cold weather for once! After the hike we went to a place called sand mountain. It was literally a mountain of sand that went straight uphill. We raced up it and then ran down. You know me clumsy as ever...I tripped over a rock and went rolling down the hill. Sand was all over me! Then as we went back to the camper I noticed a thorn stuck in my foot! It hurt so bad but eventually i got it out. Then we went on a couple more hikes and just hung out in the camper. At the end of the night we went to an RV camp and spent the night...before bed we watched Yes Man and played games. When we went to sleep a storm happened and it shook the whole camper! It was way loud but I finally slept through it! When we woke up on Sunday morning we  went on 2 other hikes to some more arches. It was the funniest trip I've been on in a long time! Some days I just need to get away from the world and going to Moab was the perfect get away! I loved this weekend and I am excited to go again! That's all for now. xoxo


  1. Yay I found your blog! It's so cute! I wish me and you could go on a trip together, that would be so fun!

  2. Thanks sister! I wish we could go on a trip together to!