Monday, May 2, 2011

Song of the day! (or in this case music video of the day)

Ok, my teachers daughter showed us this video when she was substituting and I immediately loved it! Hope you enjoy!

New kind of blog

I'm getting kinda bored of always just writing about my day so I'm gonna start writing about random things that I like and sometimes about what I'm feeling at the time. I would like to thank my friend Samantha for giving me the idea! So as most of you may know my sis Kristen...well I'm pretty sure I get my love for fashion from her. I am super excited for summer not only becuase I'm out of school but because it's warm which means I finally get to wear summer clothes! I also love being able to get my toes done and wearing flip flops (or no shoes) all the time. Well as you can tell I really want summer to come! Anyways back to fashion...I might do some photo shoots for summer and put them on my blog every couple of weeks just to show you guys what I like to wear during the summer. I will start my new kind of "fashion" blog the next time I write...please let me know what you think about my idea for a new sort of blog...thanks!