Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Best friends and school

Well this is my 2nd blog and I know exactly what to write about....a lot of you may know that I have many best friends, but lately specific ones have truly  been here for me no matter what happens. For is sooooo stressful  sometimes because I have lots projects due for all 3 of my classes and I always freak out and think that I'm not gonna be finished in time and certain friends of mine calm me down and just make everything better for me. Some days when I'm not happy and just depressed my friends are what help me through it all. I have also been thinking lately a lot about 7th grade...I have been at my school (Channing Hall) since 2nd grade and I have had the same friends for a long time and I'm gonna miss them a ton! I'm scared that no one at Crescent View will like me. I'm just gonna be myself but some people won't accept that from me. I am gonna miss all my teachers and friends more than I can even say! I am very nervous but I just hope that people will like me for who I am and nothing else but that...


  1. you'll make tons of friends at Crescent, just be yourself cause you're great!