Monday, March 28, 2011

Song of the day!

This song from Tarzan actually has a really cool meaning...enjoy!

School Poem...

School is cruel
There are boys that drool
My teachers are weird
And one has a black beard
My locker is in a stupid spot
People bump me a lot
I'm bad at math
Which is leading me on a not so good path
My friends are what keep me going
I love them more then my own showing
I laugh in class
Just to make time pass
I talk all the time
I'm better off just being a mime
I'm always cold when we go outside
Even on the bright red slide
In 5 minute hall breaks I stall for as long as I can
I'm always talking to one of my best friends named "Fran"
I don't wanna leave my school for one main reason (a.k.a friends)
So that's why I wish it would be longer until the summer season
I also don't like a lot about my school
Sometimes I wish there was only ONE rule
I will be so sad to go
But I know it's best for me not to show...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Song of the day!

I couldn't get the music video to here is the song of the day on a link. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fridays...gotta love 'em

So yesterday was probably the scariest/best night ever! After school I went to Kenzie's house and first we set up a volleyball net to play bad mitten and volleyball, but we couldn't get one of the legs to go in the ground so we took it off and it made the net way short. It was funny because we were playing tennis (because we couldn't find the bad mitten stuff) and we would hit the ball way to hard so the person wouldn't be able to get it and since we were doing this we only got 4 hits back and forth. Also we were jumping over the net and we would trip and fall straight on it which was super funny to watch. Then we watched hilarious YouTube videos until we had to go to the gym so Kenz could practice her dance routine (and it was amazing). When we got back we went on a bike ride to this "hobo" park to take videos and my bike had like 4 problems along the way which made it difficult but still way fun! When we came back home we got these crutches that were Kenzie's sisters and we started jumping on the tramp with them and it was super hard and scary but way fun. After that i get a phone call from Kaden and Kaden, Bennett, Zach, & Devin wanted me and Kenz to go to Devin's house but it was dark so we were freaked out to walk there alone so they came and walked us to Devin's house...when we got there we just kinda sat around in Devin's backyard until we got bored and went to Bennett's house (and this is where things got scary). We were getting ready to play ghost in the graveyard until we saw a guy in all black standing in this yard so we freaked out and ran into Bennett's house and we were all scared because we started walking towards the door of Bennett's house and I was so terrified but I wanted to see what the guy was doing so I escaped out the front door and the guy came out of the corner and scared me soo  bad and I screamed and ran back inside. Then when the guy finally left we went back outside and saw another one of Bennett's neighbors (like a 10 year old girl) standing on her front porch with her dog and she was just watching us....and she wouldn't stop so we decided to go to Zach's house (just down the street from Bennett's house) and as we were running to Zach's house we saw the girl go in her garage and start flickering the lights on and we were kinda like what the heck? Then she got on her scooter and started riding around and still watching us so when we got to Zach's house her brother came outside and stood on the driveway with her so we just freaked out (yet again) and went inside of Zach's house. Then Kaden started eating a fruit roll up...and yeah let's not even get to detail about that. Anyways after spending a couple minutes and Zach's house we all went home. It was such a fun night and also VERY scary....good thing all the boys were with us!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Song of the day!

Best friends and school

Well this is my 2nd blog and I know exactly what to write about....a lot of you may know that I have many best friends, but lately specific ones have truly  been here for me no matter what happens. For is sooooo stressful  sometimes because I have lots projects due for all 3 of my classes and I always freak out and think that I'm not gonna be finished in time and certain friends of mine calm me down and just make everything better for me. Some days when I'm not happy and just depressed my friends are what help me through it all. I have also been thinking lately a lot about 7th grade...I have been at my school (Channing Hall) since 2nd grade and I have had the same friends for a long time and I'm gonna miss them a ton! I'm scared that no one at Crescent View will like me. I'm just gonna be myself but some people won't accept that from me. I am gonna miss all my teachers and friends more than I can even say! I am very nervous but I just hope that people will like me for who I am and nothing else but that...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Song of the day!

Living in a dream world

This weekend I went to Moab with my friend Carly and her family. I had the greatest time ever! It was a good way for me to escape from my life and just let my mind go...On Saturday we went on a 3 hour uphill hike to some of the arches. It was way sunny there! I was  so happy to leave the cold weather for once! After the hike we went to a place called sand mountain. It was literally a mountain of sand that went straight uphill. We raced up it and then ran down. You know me clumsy as ever...I tripped over a rock and went rolling down the hill. Sand was all over me! Then as we went back to the camper I noticed a thorn stuck in my foot! It hurt so bad but eventually i got it out. Then we went on a couple more hikes and just hung out in the camper. At the end of the night we went to an RV camp and spent the night...before bed we watched Yes Man and played games. When we went to sleep a storm happened and it shook the whole camper! It was way loud but I finally slept through it! When we woke up on Sunday morning we  went on 2 other hikes to some more arches. It was the funniest trip I've been on in a long time! Some days I just need to get away from the world and going to Moab was the perfect get away! I loved this weekend and I am excited to go again! That's all for now. xoxo